Stat of the day: 8.45 litres

The amount of pure alcohol British consumers drank last year.

by Elizabeth Anderson
Last Updated: 09 Oct 2013
Britain might still be a nation of drinkers, but health campaigners will be delighted to discover some of the fizz is falling flat. Although total alcohol consumption in the UK increased a little in 2010 – by 0.6% – it’s still at a lower level than 10 years ago.   

Last year Britons drank 8.45 litres of pure alcohol, but the consumer’s tipple of choice has changed. Intake of beer fell by 1.9%, the seventh year in a row sales have fallen, but sales of spirits rose by 4%.

The British Beer and Pub Association, which published the figures, said the British brewing industry needs to be protected, and is calling on the Government to scrap plans for a further rise in beer duty this year, which might help give the ale(ing) industry a boost.


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