Stat of the day: 90m

The number of tweets written a day by Twitter users - up from 1.25 million two years ago, when CEO Evan Williams, who announced his resignation yesterday, took control of the company.

by MT Staff
Last Updated: 09 Oct 2013
Among Twitter users, he's reached almost cult status - but yesterday Evan Williams, co-founder and CEO of the micro-blogging service, announced that he would step down from his role so he could 'concentrate more on product strategy'. In a post on Twitter's blog yesterday, he added that the business is 'on a roll'. But while the company has seen stratospheric growth in user numbers, it still hasn't managed to work out a way to actually make money. 'Growing big is not a success, in itself,' wrote Williams. 'Success to us means meeting our potential as a profitable company that can retain its culture and user focus while having a positive impact on the world'. Hmm.

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