Stat of the day: £9.99

The price of a £5 coin celebrating the Royal Wedding.

by Elizabeth Anderson
Last Updated: 09 Oct 2013
With the Royal nuptials fast approaching, an official commemorative coin to mark the occasion has been unveiled. A one-off £5 coin depicting profiles of the happy couple is available for pre-order from the Royal Mint’s website – although it’ll set you back £9.99.

It’s the second time the Mint has produced a coin to celebrate a Royal wedding – the last being a 20p coin for the marriage of Charles and Diana (has inflation really gone up that much since then?).

However, some are questioning whether the artist’s impression of William and Kate is a bit too flattering, with suggestions that William appears to have more hair on his head than recent photos would have us believe. But maybe they’re making up for the coin unveiled to celebrate the couple’s engagement, which critics said was unflattering to Kate. One commentator suggested she had the ‘flattened features of a pugilist’ - so this coin can only be an improvement.  

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