Stat of the Month: Britain's academic slide

It may not rival us in the dreaming spires stakes, but the US is continuing to tighten its grip as the world leader in higher education, shunting the UK even further down the chart.

by MT Staff
Last Updated: 09 Oct 2013
Rankings published by the Times Higher Education magazine show that the top five universities are now all across the pond. Heavy-hitters such as Harvard, MIT and Princeton dominate the top table - whereas the best the UK could muster was a joint sixth place with Oxford and Cambridge. UCL's fall has been the steepest - tumbling from fourth position last year to 22nd in 2010. Ouch. But why worry when Blighty's still holding on to its position as the second most successful nation overall? British academics say that once Government cuts are announced this month, our reputation could slip further. That's bad news when you take into account the fact that countries like China and South Korea are investing millions in their universities, and climbing up the academic rankings - fast.

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