Stat of the Month - The red-tape tangle

3,621 - The number of government regulations introduced to the UK in one year

Last Updated: 31 Aug 2010

That comes to a total of 98,600 pages, 65 times longer than War and Peace. At least our business leaders have something to keep themselves busy with of a quiet afternoon, once they've answered the 6,614 questions on 279 different business tax forms. Of course, the Government is promising to sort it out. Tony Blair recently pledged to force every Government department to cut regulation by 25%. That's good news for public-sector staff - the Priory recently revealed a surge in patients from the medical and social work fields suffering from stress-induced mental disorders brought on by dealing with red tape. In a recent CBI survey, 95% of business leaders said the tax system should be simplified. The confederation must be excited by the PM's new pledge. Never mind that the Government has been promising to cut business bureaucracy for years, yet can still come up with 45 pages of guidelines on the use of ear-tags on Welsh sheep and goats.


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