Stat of the Month: The Royal Wedding

£2.9bn - What the nuptial bank holiday will cost the UK economy

Last Updated: 09 Oct 2013

With Kate and Wills about to tie the first big royal knot in a generation, experts have been agonising over the effect of the happy occasion on the UK economy. On the one hand there's the cost of an extra bank holiday to consider, which the Government estimates at £2.9bn: this takes into account lost productivity and overtime payments for workers who can't take a day off. But it's not all bad news, as the Big Day is also expected to provide a welcome tourism boost for the UK on top of the £500m which monarchy-related trippers already generate each year. Then there are the stacks of wedding memorabilia and merchandise, estimated to bring in another £220m. Among the usual plates and coins are some more quirky souvenirs, including commemorative sick bags with 'Throne up' tattooed on them at £3 a pop. Apparently they've already been such a hit that the designer, Lydia Leith, is struggling to cope with orders.

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