Stat of the month: Self storage units

We're a nation of hoarders, if the growing number of self storage units is anything to go by.

by Elizabeth Anderson
Last Updated: 09 Oct 2013

There are now 800 warehouses in Britain filled with clutter - that's almost the same number as the rest of Europe put together. And business is booming. In the past four years, turnover for the main storage operators has rocketed from £138m in 2006 to £209m in 2010. One reason for the boom is the lacklustre housing market. Fewer people are moving and they need somewhere to store their old armchairs and Showaddywaddy records. Business customers are also on the up, as many have been forced to downsize during the recession. But, the US is still way ahead with 52,700 storage facilities - or 2.2 billion rentable square feet. We'd dread having to sort through that.

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