Status anxiety - for men only?

More evidence this week that, despite their stoic, strong and silent exteriors, men are fundamentally more fragile and less emotionally resilient creatures than women. Researchers from Newcastle University (ironically home to those Northern tough guys who only put a shirt over their vests when there is snow on the ground) have discovered that men whose socio-economic status declines (whether through redundancy or deliberate downshifting) are four times more likely to suffer depression than men who continually climb the career status ladder. By contrast, depression rates in women are unaffected by changes in their social and economic circumstances.

Men are also less likely to seek treatment if they do become depressed, and more likely to suffer long term unemployment. Phew, who’d be a bloke these days eh?

Male or female, if you are thinking of changing jobs then look before you leap should be your motto, says MT's Miranda Kennett.

Last Updated: 31 Aug 2010

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