Status Income Disequilibrium

You have the same degree as your friends, holiday in the same places and go to the same restaurants.

by Helen Kirwan-Taylor -
Last Updated: 09 Oct 2013

But when you leave to return home, you head off in a used VW, while your friends take a five-minute taxi ride home (where a Maserati is parked out front). Status Income Disequilibrium Syndrome was first coined in the '90s when the Bobos (bourgeois bohemians), as they were called, shunned life in the City or law in favour of journalism and education: meaningful, high-status jobs with lower-status pay. While they could compete on status when it came to their jobs (dinner at Number 10, adventures in far away places), they couldn't match it with toys (cars and houses). This is a difficult if philosophical syndrome to treat. Having been rather pleased not to be City slaves, the Bobos are now displeased with their lack of worldly goods. The answer? Avoid your rich friends or buy a suit.

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