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Last Updated: 29 Jan 2016

When Bob Dylan went electric back in 1965, he caused uproar among the folk music community, who were desperate to see the world stay as it was. Dylan’s genius was to recognise that nothing stands still, so he couldn’t either. The business world is now undergoing a seismic shift of its own: costs are going up and natural resources are depleting, as is air quality as general pollution soars. This provides an obvious challenge, but it needn’t be a road block: the best companies are those that embrace the new, driving at these hurdles head on. 

Plugging in

The electric vehicle (EV) is a fine example of such innovation, leading in both cost-saving and fuel efficiency. Take the 100% electric Nissan LEAF and e-NV200, which offer zero emissions while driving, can cover up to 155 miles on a single charge and cost from just two pence per mile to run – compared to 10-12p per mile in a petrol or diesel equivalent. It’s the perfect fix for companies aiming to meet emissions targets under ever-tighter budgets. 

But if the EV’s specs are driving its popularity, this is only helped by government incentives. OLEV (the Office for Low Emission Vehicles) has announced it’s extending its plug-in car grant into next year, while the government has earmarked a further £500m to support the uptake of EVs – in order to meet increasingly stringent EU targets on carbon footprint reduction and improvement in air quality.

Business on board

A vast range of businesses out there are already benefitting from going electric themselves: the University of Birmingham is using the Nissan e-NV200 as a postal vehicle delivering mail across campus; Solihull Metropolitan Borough Council’s Neighbourhood Services team has adopted an e-NV200 as part of its fleet for use in various community projects – from park improvements to youth sporting initiatives; while West Middlesex University Hospital is using a Nissan LEAF as a pool car for home visits (see below).

Why are they choosing Nissan? Aside from its multi award-winning EV products, its fleet EV specialists can provide expert support in how going electric can benefit operators, drivers and fleet managers, and give advice on infrastructure, workplace charging or fiscal incentives – whether you’re a public sector, SME or multinational business. Nissan is an innovative company with reliable, market-leading vehicles that will help meet today’s business challenges, even as the world shifts gears.

The University of Birmingham is using the Nissan e-NV200 to deliver post across the campus

A fleet of five Nissan LEAFs are being used by the Bristol 2015  European Green Capital team

Hospital pool car scheme

When therapy staff at West Middlesex University Hospital made home visits to patients in the past they would always use taxis. With 15-20 home visitors on the team and 60% of discharged patients needing a home assessment, the hospital’s annual taxi bill came to a rather unhealthy £38k. 

The remedy was to adopt a pool car for the team to share. The Nissan LEAF enabled the team to keep its carbon footprint down, while removing the need to administer fuel cards or handle fiddly garage receipts. Transport for London gave the hospital trust a grant to install two EV charging bays in the hospital car park, and business mobility company Alphabet leased a single LEAF to try out. The result? The trust could now take around 40% of the money it once spent on fares and redirect it into patient care. Put another way, the saving it made equated to half a nurse’s salary in the first year. NHS organisations aren’t alone in trying to reduce their carbon footprint. The team at West Middlesex has shown it needn’t be a headache. 

Nissan: Leading the way

• The leader in the manufacture of electric vehicles globally.

• The Nissan LEAF is the UK’s most popular EV, with a third of all EV sales. 

• Its EV range also includes a van, a five- or seven-seat Combi and Evalia people carrier. 

• Dedicated EV Fleet Team offering full fleet knowledge, advice and support. 


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