Stefan Stern picks his favourite finance books

Stefan Stern on three works that challenge conventional wisdom and give the lowdown on the scary world of the high-frequency trader

Last Updated: 25 Apr 2016

1) 23 Things They Don't Tell You About Capitalism by Ha-Joon Chang

Penguin Books, £6.99

Testing the conventional wisdoms and unthinking assumptions of so many contemporary economists, Cambridge academic Ha-Joon Chang points out how much of what they tell you about economics simply isn't true.

2) Flash Boys by Michael Lewis

Allen Lane, £13.00

Are the markets out of control? You betcha they are. At least, the flash (high-frequency) traders think they can get one over on the authorities with their superfast computers and algorithms. It's scary stuff.

3) Thinking, fast and slow by Daniel Kahneman

Penguin Books, £6.99

Possibly an antidote to defunct orthodoxy, the Nobel prize-winning studies of Professor Kahneman remind us that people are not always rational and that markets are therefore not always efficient.

Stefan Stern is a visiting professor at Cass Business School. Follow him on Twitter: @StefanStern

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