Things could get awkward in the office

Step into my office, baby

A survey conveniently timed for Valentine's Day found romance is still heating up Britain's offices.

by Rachel Savage
Last Updated: 14 Feb 2014

For those of you feeling lonely on The Day That Shall Not Be Named, get looking around the office - quick. Apparently 39% of workers have dated a colleague, so the odds might just be in your favour.

If you’re after wedding bells though, the percentages ain’t looking so great. The ‘representative’ survey of 1,000 people by CareerBuilder found that 29% of people who had dated a co-worker ended up marrying them.

A lot of workers seem to be aiming higher up the food chain – 41% told the survey their office romance was more senior than them, and 24% said they’d dated their boss.

For all the excitement of sideways glances at your desks and late-night trysts by the tea machine, MT recommends taking care when getting romantically entangled at the office. Stiff upper lipped Brits aren’t keen on PDA at the best of times and it’ll be super awks if you drool over your manager only to get dumped a few weeks later.

That’s probably why 35% of people surveyed said they’d kept their work relationship a secret and one in 10 said their office romance meant they had to leave a job. MT’s heart bleeds for these star-crossed lovers.

At the other end of the lucky-in-love spectrum, 6% said hooking up with a co-worker had progressed their career. MT is surprised it’s even that high in these politically-correct times, but then again statistics can’t ever be faulted.

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