How to stop your culture going back to normal after COVID

In this video, Capita's Melanie Christopher and Greene King non-exec board director Lynne Weedall discuss how to hold on to the humanity and solidarity to emerge from the lockdown.

by Management Today
Last Updated: 05 Jun 2020

Since the lockdown began, many leaders have been anxious to know when they can get their business back to normal. But there are some things to have emerged from the last few months that many of us will want to keep, once the pandemic has subsided.

In some respects, daily video calls with the kids in the background have made us more relaxed. Home working may prove to have made us more productive. And the experience of going through a national and organisational emergency together has created strong feelings of solidarity.

In this video, Lynne Weedall - non-executive director at William Hill and Greene King - and Capita's head of people, culture and change Melanie Christopher join Management Today's Kate Bassett to discuss how to approach culture in the COVID and post-COVID worlds.

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Guest headshots: Courtesy of Melanie Christopher and Lynne Weedall

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