Strewth! Businesses Say Hiring Will Be Bonza

Unemployment looks like it's going to fall further. As long as we don't all talk like Australians.

by Rachel Savage
Last Updated: 22 Jan 2014

Businesses’ hiring expectations have reached a 2 and a half year peak as confidence continues to climb, according to research by accountancy firm BDO.

The BDO Employment Index reached 99.4 in December, up from 98.3 the previous month and the latest in a raft of sunny economic data. 95 and above shows employment growth, while the magic 100 mark indicates employment is increasing at its long-term rate.

The accountants’ Optimism Index, which predicts business performance two quarters in the future, climbed 0.3 points to 103.4 in December, the highest level for 7 and a half years. A reading of 100 would point to economic growth of around 2.4%, BDO said.

Manufacturers are especially happy at the moment – the confidence sub-index was 115.5 in December, up from 155.3 the previous month and close to its all-time high. The Manufacturing Output Index, which reflects current order books, was 109.8 compared to 102.5 for all businesses.

Less good news perhaps was BDO’s inflation index falling for the seventh consecutive month to 98.7 from 99.7 in November (100 shows that inflation is around the 2.8% mark). While BDO cheered the easing of ‘inflationary pressures’ on businesses, they noted the not so good fact of real wages falling.

For those of you looking for jobs, a promotion, or indeed a real wage pay rise MT received some insightful advice today: don’t talk like an Australian.

Turning a statement into a question, with a rising tone on the last syllable, will make you a third less likely to get a senior management job, according to a survey of 700 managers, executives and business owners commissioned by Pearson.

High-Rising Terminal (HRT) (sounds like a moving airport to us), or ‘Australian Intonation Disease’ as it’s also known, is apparently infecting British workplaces like like, due to those darn popular US and Aussie TV shows.

71% of respondents found HRT, to be a ‘particularly annoying trait’, while 85% agreed it was a ‘clear indicator of a person’s insecurity or emotional weakness’. Only 16% said they would be willing to ‘gloss’ over it in an interview to focus on what an applicant can actually do. G’day it is clearly not.

We all know statistics never lie, so business bosses must either be super intolerant or way overreacting to England’s Ashes thrashing - wouldn’t you say? If businesses are as keen to get on with employing people as BDO think they are, then their senior bods may just have to get over this Aussie hate. Otherwise they’ll have to employ people who never watch Neighbours or any other top-notch antipodean TV, which would be a total tragedy in MT’s opinion.

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