My style: Jones Lang LaSalle boss Guy Grainger

The UK CEO of property services firm Jones Lang LaSalle likes to be sharp of suit - unless he's doing a triathlon in his Batman outfit. Here are a few things he can't do without.

by Emma Haslett
Last Updated: 14 Jan 2014


Because I have a background in retail property, I am hooked on shopping. I think if you're going to wear a suit, it should be well tailored - so I go to shops like Richard James or Susannah Hall, a tailor in Shoreditch. I like to keep as sharp as possible: it reflects my approach to business, I suppose.

My wife always takes the mick out of me because I wear very bland ties - I bought one at the weekend from John Varvatos, which is quite an edgy brand. When I'm at home in Muswell Hill at the weekends, I dress really, really casual.

I'm either really smart or completely the opposite. I love coffee, but working in London has made me a real coffee snob: so many great independents are emerging. An Ottolenghi's has opened near our office, which is great.


I'm not into cars, but I've commuted on a Vespa for 12 years. I'm a heritage freak: when I was young I had a vintage Vespa - every day I went into work in jeans, open-face helmet, sunglasses. Now I'm padded out with all the gear and a full helmet - safety first.

I've found a brilliant barber called Murdoch. They have various shops around London, but I go to the one in Liberty. It's my favourite shop in London: you never know what you're going to get.

Three years ago I started going to a personal trainer because I was having back problems. I'd say it has transformed my life: it helps me deal with stress and it energises me, so I'm more productive. I also do the odd triathlon, but that's going into mid-life crisis territory.

We sponsor the UK's fourth-largest: last year I did it dressed as Batman. I thought it would start a trend. It didn't.

Guy Grainger commutes by Vespa


I've just come back from New York, where I realised London is blessed with some of the best retail in the world. There is always a 'grass is greener' approach to New York - but I don't think there's a department store there to match Harrods or Selfridges.

My balance with travel is about right: I do it infrequently enough so it isn't a complete chore. I travel once a week in Britain, then to Europe once a month and once or twice a year to either Asia or the US. I vary the airline depending on price and service, but I fly most regularly with British Airways because it looks after business travellers well.

Domestically, I go for the cheapest - usually easyJet. There's no point paying twice the price. When it comes to hotels, the brand that seems to consistently provide a good experience is Shangri-La. I'm excited about it opening up at the top of the Shard.


I'm not sure I've had a mentor - but it's something I often reminisce about, who's inspired me on my journey. It's a combination of people - from my old chief executive Chris Powell to Malala Yousafzai. It's so impressive what a young person with determination, clarity of purpose and intellect can do. I get quite emotional about people who have influenced others.

I don't do much networking - I've got more involved with the CBI because I want to connect with business leaders outside my sector, and I'm a member of the Century Club in Soho. It's more media than property, but I joined it because it has a great roof terrace.

I've got quite involved with the Samaritans: since the start of the year, it's been our charity partner. Amazingly, it has few corporate partners: I think it's seen by the corporate world with negative sentiment. I don't know why. We're trying to change that.

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