Are you suffering from ... Charity Anxiety

Every day, we're bombarded with choice - which mobile to buy or what's the best Sky package. We fret over brands but, deep down, we know that if we get it wrong, it won't matter much. With charity, it's different.

by Helen Kirwan-Taylor,
Last Updated: 31 Aug 2010

Not a day goes by when an e-mail doesn't arrive declaring the seriousness of a cause to which you must instantly respond or a chugger (charity mugger) doesn't collar you on the high street. These days, charities aren't after money so much as support in forwarding their e-mail or signing a petition. One day, though, you're busy and you don't forward or sign. Then you're huddled in the loo, panicking at the thought of all those wretched people whose lives could have changed if you'd not bothered with whatever else you were doing. It doesn't help that your colleague has already signed their form and sent it off with a donation. There's no cure for the world's problems but there is a delete button. Better to take the 'procrastinate' option and put all cries for help in a file. Tell yourself you'll look at it later, then relax.

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