Suffering from: Age anxiety

You're called into a meeting where the client is 15 years younger and wearing flip-flops. Feeling old?

by Helen Kirwan-Taylor
Last Updated: 09 Oct 2013

You have a sudden panic attack: does the £2,000 Jermyn Street suit you have on make you look old and out of touch? Should you be donning jeans instead or might that send a signal that you're not grown up enough and worthy of those hefty fees? Age anxiety is a brand new disorder based on the fact that baby boomers do not feel old; heck, they don't even look old, thanks to Botox, personal trainers and hair transplants. They also think they think young, although the real young may not agree. So which age do you cater to? Do you admit you've never actually looked at Facebook because it makes you sound old? Psychologists are grappling with this issue (they too find themselves saying things like 'your generation'). In the meantime, it never hurts to arrive at meetings by Boris Bike. This makes the old look fit and the young look responsible.

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