Are You Suffering from: Behalfism

This newly recognised affliction describes the person who sets him or herself up as the voice of a cause, person or company, usually without having been asked.

by Helen Kirwan-Taylor -
Last Updated: 09 Oct 2013

When the US election campaign began, for example, the behalfists suddenly became experts on Barack Obama. In fact, they practically grew up next door. When a news story breaks, they claim to have known the details beforehand. Behalfists also, for some mysterious reason, have the ear of the boss and know when the lay-offs will start and exactly whose head is on the block. Like gossips, behalfists always add their own spin. Because they speak with such authority, no-one dares ask how they came to know such important information. The present economic downturn is giving many behalfists a voice - but beware. By shouting loudest, they hope no-one will scrutinise them too closely. There isn't much one can do to stop their irritating behaviour, but next time someone acts as if they know more than you, ask for evidence. This usually makes them switch to another cause.

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