Suffering from: feature fatigue?

It comes over you first thing in the morning. There you are, in your newly-rented French villa, trying to make the first cup of coffee...

by Helen Kirwan-Taylor
Last Updated: 09 Oct 2013

Unfortunately, what it offers is a new combination coffee machine that also acts as an alarm clock and a radio. And that's only three of the 10 functions on the dashboard. In the end, you grab your keys and drive to the nearest cafe. 'Feature fatigue' was coined by a professor who was asked to watch a DVD to understand the many things his electric toothbrush could do (only one of which was clean teeth). All these extra features do is invoke rage and frustration. You may be able to play Angry Birds and download music on your smartphone, but if it means you're too preoccupied to take calls from clients, what's the point? There is no cure apart from taking sedatives or practising meditation. Or you could try buying used models which only have one dial.

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