Are you suffering from: Information Compulsion

For some, too much media is never enough...

by Helen Kirwan-Taylor,
Last Updated: 09 Oct 2013

No sooner have you finished the newspaper than you go onto Bloomberg to make sure you haven't missed an update.

All such things are, of course, programmed into your BlackBerry to make sure you don't miss a single turn in the stock market or a new riot in Beijing. In fact, you have one of those watches with three time-settings just because you need to know who is awake to e-mail the latest news if the BlackBerry bleeps in the middle of the night.

Compulsion is ... well, uncontrollable behaviour you keep repeating, and information is something we all have too much of. Add them up and you get the picture.

People in the throes of this disorder feel out of touch in a matter of seconds. Missing the news - even of an opening of a restaurant (in Siberia) - creates a sense of loss. Like an addict, the sufferer needs more and more to feel better, but even that is never enough.

Cold turkey is too dramatic a cure: weaning the addict slowly, first off the wires and then off the second edition of the same paper, is a start.

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