Are you suffering from: Jeffrey Archer syndrome

Have you ever been to a lecture or speech and been so taken by the person giving it that you went to introduce yourself, only to find they looked over your shoulder and yawned?

by Helen Kirwan-Taylor -
Last Updated: 09 Oct 2013

Jeffrey Archer Syndrome describes people - often of great intelligence and wit - whose ability to dazzle ends as soon as they step off the podium. They may come over as charming, empathetic, caring and accessible when there's an audience, but as a dinner partner or colleague, they can hardly muster the energy to tilt their head in your direction. A variant of narcissism (without the cruelty), the syndrome describes charismatic politicians and bosses who behave as though they are approachable and hands-on in morning meetings and then close their door. Winning them over is not hard, so long as you reiterate how fascinating they are to listen to at all times. If you want them to do something, always bring it back to how important, useful and positive it would be for them. Then they can't do it fast enough.

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