Are you suffering from: Money Disorder

Do you get anxious just thinking about money? Do you spend too much or not at all? Do you practise financial infidelity (eg, not telling your spouse about your spending and then hiding the receipts)? Do you think you should enjoy your hard-earned money one day, then feel deeply ashamed the next for having gone on a spending binge when hard times loom? Is your bank manager on the phone more than once a month wondering what you're up to? If you don't know how you feel about money (other than conflicted, worried, confused and anxious), you may have the disorder. Before the markets started to tank, few professionals concerned themselves with this ailment, but now American clinics are offering financial rehab for those who want to kick the spending habit. Treatment is similar to 'recovery'. You surrender yourself to a higher being (eg, your financial coach) and agree never to buy so much as a pair of socks without their consent. Then you examine your childhood financial history in great detail... at least, until the markets recover.

by Helen Kirwan-Taylor,
Last Updated: 09 Oct 2013

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