Are you suffering from: Underload Syndrome

We get to our final destination after 14 hours of travelling, unpack our suitcases, head for the beach and then - wham! - we feel depressed. With nothing but which position we plan to sunbathe in to worry about, our minds begin to implode. Underload Syndrome is the term psychologists use to describe the symptoms, from headaches and agitation to depression, that hit us when the stress of running at 200 miles an hour ceases. 'Bored Sick' is another term applied. Although psychologists tell us that holidays are necessary for rejuvenation, some people so fear the down that Underload Syndrome brings that they choose never to relax in the first place. This avoids pondering one's life and one's problems (another side-effect of Underload Syndrome). These are the people who go on biking and trekking holidays in China only to return home five times more exhausted than they were before they went. The cure is to pretend you're on holiday before the holiday starts, or not bother with the holiday at all.

by Helen Kirwan-Taylor,
Last Updated: 09 Oct 2013

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