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Male Navigational Syndrome

by Helen Kirwan-Taylor
Last Updated: 09 Oct 2013

This is a familiar problem. No matter how badly you are lost and how late you are going to be, you won't ask for directions. This syndrome also applies to other things in life. Why ask a colleague to help if you can get on and fail all by yourself? Specialists say it has to do with the hunter-gatherer instinct. What kind of caveman stops another caveman to ask which way to the buffalo? Male Navigational Syndrome is worthy of study because of the enormous irritation it causes women (other men think it's perfectly sensible). What to do? Sat Navs can solve the problem in the car: in the office it's more difficult. You can send a man on as many management courses as you like, but the best cure is make him work with women. Men have a choice: roll their eyes every time a woman asks a question or miss the buffalo. As for the male refusal to ask which way to the loo, put up signs.

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