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Jobfuscation. A favourite buzzword among recruitment offices, Jobfuscation means embellishing the old CV or, better yet, inventing a new one.

by Helen Kirwan-Taylor -
Last Updated: 09 Oct 2013

Most resumes today are lessons in creative writing. Twenty-eight per cent of the British population exaggerate their pay; another 19% boast skills they don't have.

It's up to the actual employer to figure out whether Oxford means the university or the town, or perhaps something else altogether.

Jobfuscation also applies to those fancy titles given to employees when the boss is holding back on the pay. Also known as 'uptitling', it's the practice of adding a grade to your rank in the company (eg, 'office assistant' becomes 'head of services'). It's easy to tackle this one: make a call and ask a few questions. Check details with their former employer, though one of the favourite exercises in CV rebranding is coming up with uncheckable experiences, such as working in the rainforest with illiterate pygmies.

'Started a start-up' is another good one.

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