Are you suffering from - Monomania

Monos means one in Greek and mania means mania. Put them together and you have someone in the deep throes of obsession. Someone with emotional monomania is obsessed with one emotion (love, for example), but more often, monomania is what you see in the office when someone is so obsessed with one aspect of their job (details, numbers, words, management) that they can't be distracted.

by Helen Kirwan-Taylor -
Last Updated: 31 Aug 2010

These are the opposite of big-picture people, but they have the irritating habit of being quite good at what they do. An employee obsessed with perfect presentations will make: perfect presentations. Everyone wants a monomaniac when seeking a cure from a doctor - and it's no bad thing in actors or chefs either. Writers famously suffer, as do painters (the ones who draw the same subject over and over again). The level of focus is appealing to the boss, but it gets on everyone else's nerves. As this is a compulsion, the only cure is one that shifts the mania to something else - though be careful here: it could be you instead.


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