Suffering from ... Reality Readjustment Disorder?

Do you find it intolerable that your firm has cancelled all corporate gym memberships? Was having your BA gold card downsized to silver like being punched in the stomach? If so, you are in the early stages of Reality Readjustment Disorder. Denying changed circumstances by, well, trooping on as though nothing has changed is the first indication that all is not well. If you continue to deny reality (eg, you lost your job and can no longer afford the house you bought at the top of the market), you're clearly already delusional. Sufferers do things like hide shopping bags from their partners - then wake up to find bailiffs at the door. Getting over RR Disorder requires a hefty dose of humility. First step is accepting changed circumstances with a modicum of zen. Treatment requires looking without emotion at what you still have (some savings, your health etc). Then comes the culling. Most adapt to changed circumstances because they have no choice. Some even alter their reality: bankers driving forklifts in New York is one example. It's painful to lose something, but, as the Chinese say, it can bring fresh opportunities.

by Helen Kirwan-Taylor.
Last Updated: 31 Aug 2010

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