Suffering from success disaster?

Success disaster is common among many entrepreneurs. But as far as problems go, it could be worse.

by Helen Kirwan-Taylor
Last Updated: 09 Oct 2013
You start a company, stumble along in your garage and before you know it everyone wants what you're selling. Pretty soon, your products aren't selling so well because you can't make them fast enough. Customers are screaming down the phone and you're worse off than when you started. Success Disaster is a special case of what many start-ups believe - that they are doomed to failure. To avoid success disaster is to think negatively in the positive sense of the word: assume you will fail even when you succeed, and have a massive contingency plan in place. Treat success as a disaster waiting to happen: treat every customer like your last, and never assume you were that good anyway. There's nothing like rapid stardom to bring out the claws in all of us (these days, especially). Preparing for disaster is never a bad thing.

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