Super rich, please give generously

In the week when Bill Gates was once again confirmed as America’s richest man - for the fourteenth year running, no less – MT brings you an in-depth report on the latest trend amongst the mega-wealthy: giving it away. Yes, no sooner have today’s tycoon’s, private equity partners and hedge-fund managers made their squillions than they are working as hard as only they know how to get rid of it all – to good causes, natch.

Last Updated: 31 Aug 2010
But the men and women of today’s financial overclass are not the types to simply write big cheques and walk away – they want to be in control of what happens to their dosh. So having your own charitable trust is the new in-thing. Find out how it works and what makes the likes of Jon Moulton, Arpad ‘Arkie’ Busson and Jamie Cooper-Hohn want to get rid of it all, in The New Philanthropists .

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