Surrey: the home of super start-ups

Stat of the day: One in seven. The number of start-ups in Surrey launched in the last three years, turning over more than £100,000 a year. The county is thrashing the national average of one in 10...

by Rebecca Burn-Callander
Last Updated: 09 Oct 2013

New research by Barclays puts Surrey at the top of the start-up hotspot league, second only to London. It generates £28bn annually for the UK economy and contributes more net taxation to the UK Exchequer than any area outside London.

How has Surrey reinvented itself as the UK's alternative big-money start-up capital? Well, it helps that Surrey County Council has pledged to commit 60% of its spend on goods and services to local firms, boosting Surrey's economy. 'Surrey businesses are leading the UK’s economic recovery by succeeding during tough times. We’ve been working with businesses to promote innovation, creativity and entrepreneurship and to ensure people have the skills they need to succeed,' says Surrey County Council's Peter Martin.

And the Olympics has also provided a welcom boost. So far more than £740m worth of 2012 Games related contracts have been won by Surrey businesses. That's delivered an economic uplift of around 3% to the county.

And if you're worried you've missed the boat for starting a lucrative business in Surrey, fear not. The county council aims to help double the size of Surrey’s economy yet again by 2026...

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