Swings and (Galaxy) Round-abouts: Samsung launches curved phone

The South Korean manufacturer has just thrown a curve-ball...

by Emma Haslett
Last Updated: 09 Oct 2013
Every now and then, MT lies awake at night worrying that the world is a bit… rectilinear. Rulers, gadgets, footballers: they’re all too straight for MT’s liking.

Thank goodness, then, for Samsung, which has launched its new phone, the ‘Galaxy Round’. Its title is on the happy side of hyperbole: the new phone isn’t so much circular as very, very slightly curved.

Curved phones, it turns out, are A Thing: LG is hoping to unveil its first curved phone next year – although it’s also announced that it wants to start mass-producing flexible screens, which, in the quest for bendy mobiles, is presumably one up on Samsung’s latest innovation.

The South Korean manufacturer, though, claims the advantages of the Galaxy Round are many and varied: it’ll be ‘easier to hold’, it reckons, and a special ‘roll effect’ will mean users can change music tracks and check missed calls and battery life, even when the screen is off. Sadly, despite its enthusiasm, Samsung says that for now, the new phone is only being launched in South Korea.

Analysts are indifferent: ‘It’s a step forward for having unbreakable gadgets and devices eventually, but for now the phone is more of a symbolic product,’ said Hana Daetoo, securities analyst at Nam Dae-jong.

‘It’s Samsung’s attempt to gauge consumer appetite for curved phones, although its lack of other eye-catching features means it is unlikely to be a hit. I don’t think it’ll be massively compelling enough for gadget buyers.’

Ah, well. Perhaps Samsung’s next product will elicit 'golden HTC One'-levels of excitement. You know what they say: what goes a-Round, comes a-Round…

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