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Our office is just round the corner from the Lighthouse in Wimbledon, and I have very fond memories of the restaurant. We used to use it as a meeting room when the company was first starting out, as we didn't have one of our own. It's actually where we had our big eureka moment and came up with the Streetcar name. We also took potential investors there and secured initial investment for the firm, so it's a very important place to us. The restaurant's atmosphere is perfect for business - it's warm and friendly, but you can have the privacy you need to talk and you're never pestered. The staff and service there are fantastic - it's a restaurant, but quite often we would go there at 9am just for a meeting over coffee, and they would welcome us regardless.

by Brett Akker, co-founder and joint managing director of carrental club Streetcar
Last Updated: 31 Aug 2010

The food is varied and always made with fresh ingredients, and the menu changes every day. I like to go for their fantastic fish dishes, especially the salmon. Their mushroom risotto is also delicious, and a colleague had a duck dish that he raved about. The desserts are light and tasty, and it's all not too expensive - around £25 a head.

I like a business lunch with a relaxed atmosphere, so I can get to know the person informally. I know I can trust the Lighthouse: you don't want the failings of the food to be a topic of conversation when you're supposed to be talking business. The food there is good but not too extravagant, which is perfect. We're a small, growing business, so all our capital goes back into the company, not into big lunches. A growing business shouldn't use really expensive places - that just sends out the wrong signals.

The Lighthouse

75-77 Ridgway, Wimbledon, SW19 4ST, 020 8944 6338,

Three-course set lunch £16.50
Favourite dishes
Salmon: £12.50
Mushroom risotto: £11.50
Breast of duck: £14.50
Desserts: £5.20

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