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Umu has the most amazing sushi - it's the best in London. It tastes really good and they are quite creative with it. They'll mix different ingredients into the sushi so it's not just traditional salmon. They will have dishes like foie gras sushi. The scallops are amazing too.

Last Updated: 31 Aug 2010

If I'm at home, I try to go to Umu once a week - mostly for business meetings, because all too often people assume that they don't like sushi or they are not really into it. But I've found that they will come here and try it out and discover that, actually, it doesn't taste fishy; it tastes really refreshing. So it's a great place for meeting people for lunch - and they serve it quickly too.

It's a pretty quiet restaurant, unlike some of the trendier competing restaurants such as Zuma. And if you're there for dinner, the wine list is phenomenal. It has a nice selection of Californian wines, which is quite rare in the UK.

The service is excellent. There's probably no more than a few dozen tables, so it's small, it's not noisy and they treat you really well. The corner tables are the best. There's a private dining area if you've got something to celebrate - which we often do.

Umu is in Bruton Place and I do like that street. It has a really cool door (I have a bit of a door fetish). You put your hand on top of a screen and the door slides back - very Matrix-esque. It's always a talking point. Everyone I take there says it's the most amazing sushi they've ever had. It's so fresh. Go there: it's worth every penny.


14-16 Bruton Place, London W1J 6LX, 020 7499 8881,

Hangetsu chirashizushi set lunch menu: £30

Favourite dishes Seared scallop sushi £5.50 Foie gras, lily-root and mushroom sushi £5

Christina Domecq is co-founder/CEO of SpinVox

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