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My favourite restaurant is Fino in Charlotte Street, London. It's a Spanish place, described as a tapas restaurant - but it's more structured than that, with bigger dishes. It strikes a very good balance: it's located in a funky basement, but there's a real formality to the dining room.

Last Updated: 31 Aug 2010

It has to be one of the best places in London.

My family had a restaurant in Paris for 15 years, and I then ran my own in Madrid for a while. So I tend to be quite a tough judge of food in Britain.

At Fino, the food isn't overly expensive if you choose right. It's run by two brothers who grew up in Majorca; they search out the best ingredients and cook seasonally too. They do jamon Iberico, from an Iberian pig fed on special acorns. It's the most delicious ham in the world. It's pricy - there are only a few of those pigs wandering around - but have that for a starter.

My favourite main course is pinchos morunos, marinated grilled pork loin on a skewer - delicious. The naughty things to have are the croquetas, deep-fried ham and potato. They also do prawn and red pepper versions.

Fino has a good variety of Spanish wines, from traditional Riojas to fun whites from the Catalan and Basque regions. There's a full range of prices, so you can splash out if you're looking to impress.

I work around the corner, so I got to know Fino's owners quite quickly.

They're very personable, paying close attention to their regulars - and everyone else. Having run my own place, I appreciate how hard that is to manage. But the service is faultless. Whenever I've taken broadcasters there, they always ask to go back.

33 Charlotte Steet, London, W1T 1RR, 020 7813 8010,
Evening meal (average price) £50 per head
Shoulder of jamon Iberico £12.50
Pinchos morunos £11.50
Ham croquetas £5.50 for four]

Eloise Tooke is MD of TV production company Power, whose credits include BBC 1's Archangel. She was in MT's '35 Women Under 35' this year.

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