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I've been going to Florence a hell of a long time for business. I have a studio in nearby Prato, and I saw the locals were driving 35 minutes to the Fuor d'Acqua, a fabulous restaurant in Florence that buys in fish fresh from Viareggio and Genoa.

Last Updated: 31 Aug 2010

It's not open on Sundays, as they don't fish Sundays. That shows they don't compromise. I've never tasted fish like it, and I'm a good eater who has travelled all over the world. You sit there in the evening watching stuff come in that was caught just hours before. It's so fresh you can eat it raw, and all it needs is a little Tuscan olive oil.

I never order there - they know what I like and they just bring it. There's the carpaccio di tonno e branzino, thin slices of raw tuna and sea bass; gamberone, raw red giant shrimps; or gamberetti e calamaretti di latte, very special small shrimps and fantastic baby squids. I love the spaghettini vongole di Viareggio, thin spaghetti with little Viareggio clams. When you're eating raw fish it never feels like you're eating as much as you are.

They've got such style, and it's very laid back. They always give you a glass of Prosecco when you walk in. I talk football with them because they're not bothered about fashion. I love rose, and always have a glass of Scalabrone, and they have white wines and Chiantis coming out of their ears. And, of course, a Limoncello to finish if you're still going.

That's the one place I always go when people visit on business. I never tire of it. When you're there, you know you're getting something special.

Via Pisana 37/r, Florence, 0039 055 222299
Average price per head, EUR85-EUR90

Carpaccio di tonno EUR30-EUR40
Spaghettini vongole di Viareggio EUR22

- George Davies is a fashion designer, creator of Next, George at Asda, and Per Una.

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