Table talk: Where Peter Cruddas eats ..

I'm always on planes and in hotels, so I frequently eat on the hoof.

Last Updated: 31 Aug 2010

In fact, I tend not to eat out on business nowadays. I've been there and done that. I'm working less on the frontline of the firm, so I have a team of people to handle day-to-day negotiations and do all the eating.

Even so, I'd recommend the Maison du Caviar, near my home in Monaco. It's a family-run place off the tourist trail, a real contrast to the usual glamorous and expensive restaurants in the city. It has the red-check tablecloths and everything. At lunch, it's full of people who work at the banks; in the evening all the locals eat there.

I love to sit and have a nice glass of Pomerol, a Bordeaux red wine. But I rarely drink at lunch. I find it makes me drowsy, and when you're running a 24-hour operation you have to be alert to what's going on all the time. Plus, if I have a couple of glasses of wine I'm on the floor.

The Maison du Caviar menu is all home cooking - the speciality is the confit de canard, with sauteed potatoes and green beans. Delicious. They also do a wonderful chicken curry. In fact, a lot of the food is Asian fusion, as the place was founded by a Chinese man and his French wife and is now run by their sons. Because it's a family business, they care. You're not a number, they know you and they want you back. I've seen a lot of Formula One celebrities there. They can afford to eat anywhere, yet they choose this place. It's lovely.

La Maison du Caviar
1 avenue Saint-Charles, 98000, Monaco
tel: +(33) 377 93 308006

Set lunch menu: EUR26

Confit de canard EUR16
Chicken curry EUR15

- Peter Cruddas, MT's Entrepreneur of the Year, is founder-owner of financial trading group CMC Group.

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