Tech & Gear: iPhone 6, 3Doodler, Flightradar24 & James Lock Trilby

MT reviews the latest products, from a live flight tracking app to a handheld 3D printer to 007's hat. And let's not forget the iPhone 6...

by Adam Gale
Last Updated: 02 Oct 2014

Flightradar24 (iOS, Android)


Are you fed up of sitting in departure lounges wondering when your delayed flight is going to arrive? Or do you want to know how empty of commercial airliners the skies are over Ukraine? Then Flightradar24 is for you. It's an internet-based service that shows real-time aircraft flight information, and is completely addictive. Devotees can even watch Land Rovers scooting around Gatwick taxiways shooing off birds. The most addictive £1.99 you'll ever spend.

Rating: **



If you're really looking to show off your creative side, there's only one executive toy for you. The 3Doodler brings the magic of 3D printing to your office, allowing you to fashion everything from pencil-holders and working bikes to life-like models of your colleagues. It's like a 21st-century fusion of Etch-a-Sketch and Meccano: you're limited only by time, plastic and imagination. A word of warning, though: you might want to clear your desk before you start.

Rating: *

iPhone 6

From £539

The latest iPhone is bigger, better and more expensive than its predecessors. Writing emails is a breeze, thanks to some creepily accurate predictive-text technology that adapts to the person you're messaging, but its 4.7-inch screen makes it too big for some pockets. With its longer battery life, the iPhone 6 is a treat, but you might want to wait for the UK rollout of Apple's contactless payment system before you fork out for one.

Rating: ***

Lock & Co Sandown Trilby


Ever since MT was founded in 1966, we've been biding our time until the hat made a comeback. Could this classic be the lid to do it? Lock & Co's hats adorn such notable heads as Kate Middleton's and Tom Sturridge's, but this particular model is best associated with Sean Connery. Yes, the Sandown is James Bond's original trilby from Dr No. Aside from being effortlessly cool, it also provides the perfect excuse to buy a hatstand for the office.

Rating: **

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