TECHKNOW: Smart tools - Mimio XI

TECHKNOW: Smart tools - Mimio XI - What is it?

Last Updated: 31 Aug 2010

What is it?

A portable electronic whiteboard.

What does it do?

It records whiteboard presentations. Stick the mimio in the top left-hand corner of any size of board, fit the special caps to your dry marker pens (four colours can be recorded at once) and start brainstorming. Using ultrasonic and infra-red sensors, it tracks the position of the pen as you write or draw and stores the information in its memory. This can then be downloaded, edited and e-mailed to those who missed the live show.

Presentations play back in real-time on any PC, and active documents and web pages can be integrated, making mimio ideal for long-distance collaboration.

It's battery powered and can record up to 12 hours of words and pictures - more if you hook it up to your laptop.

What's the competition?

Other digital whiteboards are large, immovable and expensive. Mimio Xi is discreet and affordable. No contest.

Where can I get it?

Direct from the manufacturer for pounds 599.

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