Techknow: Smart tools - The Nokia 8850

Techknow: Smart tools - The Nokia 8850 - What does it do?

Last Updated: 31 Aug 2010

What does it do?

It's Nokia's latest 'high-end' mobile phone and it boasts plenty of the features that 'phonies' get so excited about.

These include voice-activated dialling, predictive text input and the ability to send picture messages to jazz up your text messages (Nokia helpfully suggests you spice up your lunch invite with a picture of a restaurant table).

As you'd expect, it's very small and very light and - as those nice Finns at Nokia are very keen on form following function - it's very prettily designed with a cute little blue screen.

What's the competition?

As they say, the mobile phone market is a 'confuseopoly', so there's more than you ever wanted out there. But if it's miniaturisation you're after, Motorola's V series is a good bet. And if you want functionality, Ericsson's T28 is well worth a look.

When can I get it?

It will be available from mid-January, priced at around pounds 350.

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