TECHKNOW: Smart tools - The Nokia music player HDR-1

TECHKNOW: Smart tools - The Nokia music player HDR-1 - What is it?

Last Updated: 31 Aug 2010

What is it?

It's a palm-sized digital music player that doubles (triples?) up as an FM radio and a top-spec handsfree set for your Nokia mobile phone.

What does it do?

The 32Mb memory card stores up to an hour of your favourite tunes, downloaded from a PC using the software and cable supplied. Nokia suggests sampling only your own CD collection but, if you're less conscientious about copyright infringement, there's no limit to what you can pick up on the net. And if the phone rings while your listening, the music is automatically paused. It's compact and funky, but the battery won't last for ever.

What's the competition?

There are lots of sleek and tiny mini-disc players around, but you can't download files from your PC onto them. And most dedicated MP3 players have more storage capacity. However, they all lack the HDR-1's thoughtful design.

Where can I get it?

Available packaged with a Nokia 3300 mobile phone, for a hefty pounds 199.99.

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