Techknow: Smart tools - The Rim Blackberry

Techknow: Smart tools - The Rim Blackberry - What is it?

Last Updated: 31 Aug 2010

What is it?

A just-about-pocket-sized mobile e-mailer that has taken the US by storm.

After a deal with BT Cellnet, it's now crossing the pond.

What does it do?

Users have full access to their e-mail wherever they are. Because Blackberry uses BT Cellnet's brand-new GPRS network, there's no time-wasting dial-up procedure and you get new messages as they arrive. A wireless link direct to the corporate server means no mucking about with web-based mail accounts or redirection software, and the full keyboard and user-friendly interface make child's play of dashing off a quick reply.

What's the competition?

Plenty - most mobile phone operators offer e-mail on the go, and palmtops are getting connected. But Blackberry's ability to process large amounts of mail quickly will appeal to e-mail junkies.

When can I get it?

Available now (to corporate customers) for about pounds 400 per user, plus line rental.

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