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Simon Nixon, National Business Award-winning CEO and co-founder of mortgage and credit card comparison website, is choosy about technology. His mobile is often switched off, he uses a paper diary and has thrown away his PDA. But he shops for food and techno-bargains on the internet while munching on home-prepared sarnies courtesy of his Panasonic breadmaker.

Last Updated: 31 Aug 2010


I change my phone every year - my PA gets me the latest model. When I first got a camera phone I sent a few picture messages - mostly of me on holiday to make people in the office jealous. But the novelty soon wears off and I think it's still too expensive. In the office it is switched off. I don't want to take mobile calls at my desk. When I'm on the mobile I swap ears every 30 seconds, because I worry that using it too much might be bad for me. I swear I can feel my ears getting warm on long calls.


This is small and neat. When travelling I hook up to my e-mail through my mobile phone. When I'm at home I have a wireless network, so I can work sitting in front of the telly. A year ago I wouldn't have dreamed of being able to do that, although it does mean I probably spend more time working now. I don't have a PDA any more; my old one was always crashing so I gave up. I still use a paper diary, simply because it's easier.


This is what I use in the office. It's a black box with a flat screen. We have 250 employees and and everybody gets one of these. I'm a big fan of internet shopping and I use Tesco online a lot. It's a faff to set it all up the first time, but after that it's easy. I also get fresh fish from, which has next-day delivery.


I already have a plasma screen TV, but I am thinking about buying a digital projector and a screen and setting up a cinema room at home. You get a bigger picture and better quality that way. I'm still doing the research on that at the moment, though. Half the fun of spending money is making sure you get the best value. I will go to the shops to check out products, but I usually buy online. I wouldn't invest in Dixons right now when you can get 30% discounts on the internet.


I use only the best organic flour. It takes 30 seconds to put the ingredients in and it does the rest - you wouldn't catch me kneading away for ages.

It tastes great and is good for dinner parties. I can even set the timer so that I wake up to the smell of freshly baked bread. I have a gym at home, too. I work out three times a week. If I didn't, I'd have had a heart attack by now.

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