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With his wafer-thin laptop, Powerpoint-capable PDA and James Bond-style USB wristwatch, AstraZeneca's business engagement director Torben Takle-Jensen is a walking, talking compendium of all the latest technology. And it comes as no surprise - it's his job to decide which bits of hi-tech gear the pharmaceutical company's 1,200-strong UK salesforce should be kitted out with.

Last Updated: 31 Aug 2010



It's very small and light, but with the extra battery I get seven or eight hours on one charge. I have a GPRS card, so when I am travelling I can get on the internet at about the same speed as fixed-line dial-up access. Vodafone's GPRS network coverage is pretty good in the UK now, so I can get a signal more or less anywhere. I think of myself as a net citizen - I even bought my summer house, on the Danish coast at Ebeltoft, on the internet, surfing wirelessly in my garden.


SONY ERICSSON T68i This is just the standard phone that all our salespeople have, it's small and light, does what you need a phone to do and nothing else. I'm thinking about getting a smartphone though, maybe a Sony Ericsson P900. The combined phone-and-PDA functionality of these devices is much better than it was, but they are still larger than I'd like. A phone needs to be small enough to take everywhere, to fit in your jeans pocket when you go the pub.



I've tried numerous different PDAs, including a Blackberry, and I'm trialling a new Compaq iPaq at the moment. But this Toshiba is the one I come back to. It's wi-fi enabled, so I can pick up e-mail or go-online when I'm in a hotspot, but the best thing about it is that it runs Powerpoint. All my sales presentations are on there, and when I go to a meeting I can plug it straight into a projector and start presenting. I don't need to carry anything else with me, and it always draws a crowd - not many people have seen a presentation done straight from a PDA before.



I do like to impress the sales boys, and this watch does the trick. When I got it, I wore it to a sales team meeting and did a presentation directly off the watch. I could hear the jaws dropping. It's not as ridiculous as it seems, though - if I'm at a conference and I want to get a copy of someone's slides, I don't have to give them a card and hope they will remember to e-mail me. I can ask them to download it straight onto my watch.



This is a domestic remote control system operated via your mobile phone that I'd like to instal in my summer house. I want to be able to ring up and turn the heating on when we arrive at Aarhus airport - it's too expensive to leave on all the time. This is a really clever use of technology, and compared to similar systems it's not expensive.

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