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Barry Cook, managing director of ad agency Leo Burnett, London, is such a music junkie he's already on his second i-Pod. He ran out of space on his first one and had to buy the bigger model. He uses his Apple i-Book to feed his insatiable CD-buying habit at, and to check his e-mail in front of the telly at night. But he's no couch potato, thanks to regular elliptical trainer workouts.

Last Updated: 31 Aug 2010


I have had three Palms, but I am increasingly asking myself what I want from my PDA. This is really just my diary and address book; what I'd like is an all-in-one device so my diary would update automatically online and I could make phone calls and have internet access, too. I have thought about getting a Blackberry, but I'm not sure about it. If people know you've got one, they will assume you are checking your e-mail all the time.


I haven't had this long. I think it's just beautiful. Like all the things that Apple makes, it looks great and is easy to use. I have a wireless network at home and remote access to my e-mail, and I often end up checking it in front of the telly at night. I also spend ages surfing the internet. If you know what you want to buy, the internet is great. I'm music-mad, so I love the Amazon site - I buy lots of CDs there. I have pretty catholic tastes. I grew up with skinhead and punk stuff, but I also love jazz, soul, indie and lo-fi, too.


I couldn't do what I do without a mobile phone - this is a business where people do love to talk. But I'm not like my kids; I don't care about taking pictures or what the ringtone is. I do text, though - it's good in meetings and for keeping in touch with the kids. If their phone rings in class it gets confiscated, so texts are the only option when they are at school. There's also a hands-free phone built into my car and I have matched SIM cards so I can swap over. Sometimes I forget and wonder why no-one is ringing me, only to find 826 messages waiting when I get back in the car!


I weighed 16 stone three years ago; this saved my life. Your arms and legs move as though you were running, but there's no impact, so it's easy on the knees. The idea is to do 40 minutes every morning, but it doesn't always happen. I've also got quite a few TVs at home, including a 42-inch plasma screen. It's great for watching Shrek with the kids, but not so good for the footie. There's a bit of a shadow where people have just been.


This is my second one - I ran out of space on the first one, so had to get the bigger version. And the battery life went off very quickly. I don't know how many CDs I've got, but it's well over 1,000 - I've been downloading them progressively. It's pretty easy to do with the i-Tunes software, and when I buy a new CD I try to remember to put it on the i-Pod straight away. But I have paid my kids extra pocket money to do it for me - so much for 50 CDs at a time.

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