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Chef Paul Bloxham's restaurant - a Michelin good food award-winning inn called The Cabinet at Reed, Hertfordshire - may be hundreds of years old, but the technology he uses to run it is bang up to date. He prices dishes and makes menu notes on his laptop, has become a late convert to camera phones and likes to play his i-Pod through the sound system

Last Updated: 31 Aug 2010


Before I got this, I couldn't see the point of a camera phone. But it's really handy for taking pictures of things I want for the restaurant - that's how I got our cruets and the hot rocks we use. I saw them in France, snapped them and bought them on the net back home. It's also great for snapping other people's menus - a bit naughty really, I know. With this, I can take a picture when no-one's looking.


I've got a lot of knives, but this is the best. I use it for just about everything. It's Japanese, made of layers of folded metal in the same way as a Samurai sword, and just as sharp. It looks fantastic, too. It needs taking care of, though; I always keep it in the box when I'm not using it. I've also got a holding oven - it cost two grand and is only about the size of a microwave, but I can put a few rare steaks or pink duck breasts in it and they'll stay perfect for two or three hours. Heston Blumenthal has one.


I keep all my recipes on here, my notes and book ideas, everything. I also run some great software called Calc Menu. You put in all your basic ingredients and how much you pay for them, pull up any recipe and the system costs the dish for you. It even tells you the nutritional content. It's a valuable tool - getting the price of a best-selling dish wrong is bad for gross margins. This year, I'm planning to open a new London restaurant where you'll be able to buy some of the produce. I get as many of my ingredients locally as I can and I want to take the suppliers with me.

- My knife is made of layers of folded metal like a Samurai sword, and just as sharp


We're having an extension built at home and when it's done, I'm going to treat myself to one of these. You just drop your i-Pod into it and the sound quality is amazing for such small speakers. I love my i-Pod; I plug it into the restaurant sound system as well, so I can choose my own playlist. Otherwise, they'd have me listening to Des O'Connor all night. I pay all the proper royalties, though.


I've always got the radio on. I like to listen while I'm doing something else. I love Radio 2 - Jonathan Ross is a hoot. The reception is better on digital and some of the extra stations are good, like Radio 6 music. I've got a Phillips home cinema system, but I don't watch the TV much - I don't have time. If I do get a few hours to myself, I like to spend it with my family.

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