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by MT Staff
Last Updated: 15 Nov 2017
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When was the last time you had a really good customer experience? Maybe it was at an Apple ‘Genius Bar’, stepping onto an Emirates flight or just having some milk delivered through Amazon Fresh.

OK. Now think: when was the last time you had that kind of amazing experience… as an employee? Or if you’re in leadership, the question is: how often does your organisation give the same quality of experience to its employees as it does to its customers?

At Management Today, we’re curious to find out how UK organisations are keeping pace with the needs and demands of a new, more mobile, flexible workforce – we’re calling them Generation Me – who demand an employee experience to match the kind they expect as customers. That’s why we’re teaming up with business transformation experts Sopra Steria, to conduct some research that aims to understand how employers are modernising their workplaces, updating management practices, humanising their HR systems and simplifying processes to improve the employee experience, and unleash new competitive advantages through their people.

And we need your help. We want to know how well (or not) your organisation is doing at 'consumerising' the employee experience. In return, we’ll give you the chance to win £250 worth of John Lewis vouchers – but we think you’ll find it an interesting exercise too.

Just think for a moment about how Apple trains its Genius Bar advisers to use the ‘3Fs of empathy’: when you explain the problem you’ve been having with your iPhone or MacBook, the adviser will explain that they understand how you must feel, that they, too, have felt that way in similar situations, and that they’ve found a solution that will help you.

Now imagine if your organisation was to offer that same kind of empathy to its employees – when it hires them, trains them, and manages them. Existing research studies have shown that by improving employee engagement, organisations can expect a 22% increase in profitability and 21% increase in productivity.

But rather than focus narrowly on engagement, the smartest organisations are now concentrating on the wider employee experience. In the future they will use data analytics, artificial intelligence and automation to consumerise the employee experience, making self-service processes quick and easy to use: any time, anywhere, and on any device the employee chooses.

That future may be closer than we think.

This survey has now closed. To see the results, download the white paper here


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