Ten job ads you need to see

Some are funny, some are clever and some are just plain weird.

by Gabriella Griffith
Last Updated: 20 Nov 2013

William is looking for an employee. He’s a handsome chap, leads a glamorous lifestyle and lives in the epicentre of golden tans and pert bottoms that is Santa Monica. He has advertised for the role of personal assistant on Craigslist and we think it's an ad worth sharing.

He is cutting out a lot of the hard work of reading CVs by simply asking for prospective employees to send photos of themselves – how efficient of him. As if to lead by example, he's posted 12 photos of himself - so applicants get the drift. To help him to narrow down the number of applicants – he’s clearly expecting a tsunami of responses – he suggests it would be better if applicants were single and unattached (are those not the same thing?). He also says the hourly rate of $10 could rise if he has a ‘successful connection’ with the candidate.

Don’t believe us? Feast your eyes on this…

1. William

Luckily for him, his advert has gained the attention of the press, we’re sure he’ll have no trouble filling the role now.

Here are some other interesting job ads you should see.

2. Poke

‘Obama stole our writer’. Trust a creative agency to come up with something as eye catching as this. We even believe them…

3. M15

The most exciting health and safety job ever…

Remember this advert for a role at M15? A health and safety expert needed to make sure 007 doesn't burn his hand on the kettle.

4. Murder Burger

Murder Burger in New Zealand kills it with this flyer.

5. Berrge Tattoo

We all know tattoo artists are skilled in the drawing department, but this ad takes their creativity to the next level. The application form was only available to those who could accurately trace a QR code.

6. McKinsey & Company

McKinsey & Company made use of a classic advertising method by posting tearable formulas, which when worked out, would reveal the number needed to call to apply. Clever quality control.

7. A strip club

Nice to see strip joints can be equal opportunity employers.

8. Huddle

Here’s London-based tech company Huddle’s not so subtle way of poaching staff from Yammer after its acquisition by Microsoft.

9. U.S. School

Looking for candidates is an easier task when you have bright yellow buses to advertise on. And a sense of humour helps.

10. Carnation Restaurant

And then there's the people who simply ask the impossible...

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