Ten Top Tips: Using Google+ for business

Want to add Google+ to your social media arsenal? Ben Wood, MD of digital agency iProspect, has ten ways to leverage Google's social platform for your business.

by Ben Wood
Last Updated: 09 Oct 2013

1. Claim your listing

The first step in improving your visibility is to actually claim your listings. The process is very simple and can be done in less than a day.

2. Link your G+ page to your website

Google allows you to directly connect up your G+ brand page with your main website. This makes it appear for brand searches and will massively increase your followership as people find out that you have a G+ page.

3. Be interesting

If you create a G+ page and leave it people aren’t going to engage with your brand. Ensure you have a content strategy for your page, filled with lots of interesting content, to help get more people to share your brand.

4. Pimp your G+ page on other media

If you have strong presence in another channel, such as a strong email database or Twitter account, leverage them to drive existing fans of your brand to the site.

5. Cram in the keywords

Getting more people to follow you will help your visibility authority but you will also need to improve your page optimisation to increase that visibility. Consider adding keywords to your description and linking to your main site from the profile information page.

6. Do your keyword research, though

To get Google Plus visibility on a variety of generic search terms, you need to understand all the search terms that are in your landscape. Understanding both the large generic terms that will be highly socially personalised as well as the mid-tail terms for optimisation is an important part of this process.

7. Fatten up your profile

A well filled out Google+ profile is a good Google+ profile, with Google looking for keywords and relevant content.

8. Collaborate with influencers

Engaging with a few highly influential celebrities and well known names on Google+ will help kick start a brands presence on Google+ getting much needed fans on your page.

9. Constant heartbeat

Just kicking off your Google+ page is not enough, ensuring that people are constantly engaging with your page will help you rank higher for social search terms, and show content on your Google+ Brand searches.

10. Interact

As you interact on Google+ you build your audience. As well as producing your own content, share others. Always credit the originator and build on it with your own comments to generate further conversation.


Ben Wood is MD of digital agency iProspect

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