Pema Chodron's The Wisdom of No Escape

My three top reads - Margaret Cole, PwC

Books: Margaret Cole, General counsel at PwC, picks her three top reads.

by Margaret Cole
Last Updated: 26 Nov 2015

1) The Mask of Command

John Keegan

Pimlico, £10.99

Keegan compares Alexander the Great (archetypal hero), Wellington (anti-hero), Ulysses S Grant (unheroic) and Hitler (false heroic). Keegan argues that the role of the general alters with societal shifts - a point applicable to leadership today. It's a thought-provoking, deep analysis. And my most important leadership principle? Always surround yourself with first-class generals.

2) Why Should Anyone Be Led By You?

Rob Goffee and Gareth Jones

Harvard Business School, £12.14

Why indeed? My husband gave me this just before I took on the role of director of enforcement at the FSA. Obviously he was trying to tell me something. It made me think about who I am, what influences have shaped me and how I can develop a leadership style that has impact. I pick and choose from this one - it doesn't all work for me - but I figure that's what being authentic is all about.

3) The Wisdom of No Escape

Pema Chodron

Element, £8.99

A spiritual guide to making the most of life by recognising that there's no escape from the good and bad things - a modern-day version of treating triumph and disaster just the same by an American Buddhist nun. One I dip in to when my zen balance gets unbalanced. Useful advice on how not to prefer samsara or nirvana - but hard to do when battling through traffic in the rain to catch a flight. Give me nirvana any day.

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