My three top reads: Mrs Moneypenny, aka Heather McGregor

Books: The Managing director of Taylor Bennett picks her top three books

by Heather McGregor
Last Updated: 28 Apr 2014


The Shift

Lynda Gratton

Collins, £14.99

An easy read but a challenging topic: what will the future of work look like for us, our children and grandchildren? This leading strategic thinker (and one of the most glamorous academics I have ever met) sets out her vision of how five main forces will change the way we all earn a living. It will make you rethink your career choices, and is based on a wealth of facts, figures and interviews.


168 hours

Laura Vanderkam

Portfolio Penguin, £8.99

Saying 'no' is a life skill, and this young, successful working mother with many books to her name explains why. Through multiple interviews, she shows that if you are disciplined about allocating time, you can get a lot more done. With some planning and prioritising, you really can sleep/exercise/learn to play the guitar and speak French - and still have time for work and family.



Mitch Benn

Gollancz, £12.99

Benn is the comedian famous for his satirical songs on Radio 4's Now Show and he has an abiding interest in science fiction. This is his first book, the second is already written. Think Terry Pratchett meets Roald Dahl. My whole family (ages 14 to 57) read this during our summer break and loved it. The story of a girl rescued by aliens and brought up on another planet is both entertaining and thought-provoking.

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